Kamis, 07 April 2011

Global Warming News - five simple steps you can really make a difference

Global Warming News,,
He heard the news about global warming, fatigue and despair When do you feel? If so, these five steps and knowledge, to help you start making reverse global warming. Global Warming News - five simple steps you can really make a difference Article

1. Mini-series.

We are automobile emissions, known to contribute to global warming, you can reduce the impact by paying less. Here are some ways:

* The walking, riding a bicycle for short trips.

* The trip will help to reduce things.

* Possible to use public transport.

* People with other people, such as travel, meetings can be obtained.

2. Eat less meat, especially beef.

Is it global warming would reduce it? Researchers is to have the most impact on greenhouse gas emissions from cars is actually a cow. This, such as methane gas from animal waste, all factors used in meat production and transportation of crude feed, and includes.

To eat less meat to satisfy, especially livestock production can reduce the demand for resources and transfer of environmentally friendly food and more. Maybe it made my health in this process.

3. Replacement compact fluorescent lamp.

It is your fruit, as well as an inexpensive way to reduce electricity costs can be borne by the start of global warming. In addition to the quality of blue light, fluorescent light has improved considerably in recent years, the cold of the first generation of fluorescent tubes.

4. Please adjust the heat.

, Also 2 to 3 temperature settings can be changed to use a significant amount of energy. If you devaluation of the winter, extra layers of clothing and jackets, you can easily change. In the summer, you can increase sales through the creation of two or three times, like, feel the coolness and the previous configuration, with a fan.

5. Educate yourself and others to join.

Join with others is to stay focused, inspired, and key information about how to make a difference. How long does it a little ways to understand the environment, to exchange knowledge on issues that people do not want to work together. In order to solve environmental problems, and all regional organizations to bring people together.